High Blood Pressure

Heart disease is a serious health concern that can have life-threatening consequences.

High Blood Pressure, blockages in the arteries and strokes are all potential risks of this condition – impacting one’s quality of life or even leading to death!

To protect your heart’s wellbeing it’s essential to regulate your blood pressure levels. Breathwork may offer a practical solution for individuals seeking to manage high blood pressure.

For those suffering from hypertensive issues, it provides an alternative to conventional treatments such as medications. Its growing popularity amongst the medical and scientific communities reflects the tangible results observed when implemented correctly. Recent studies have demonstrated that even single breathing exercises can have meaningful impacts on systolic and diastolic pressure levels within just a few minutes of completion.

Breathwork helps to slow down the cardiac rate. Through controlled breathing practices, individuals are supported in decreasing heart rate while increasing their parasympathetic nervous system – leading to lifelong beneficial changes. By engaging in specific breathing exercises, such as the cardiac coherence technique, individuals are able to systematically bring their heart rate into “coherence”, establishing more synchronized patterns between the heart, brain and body. In doing so, Breathwork allows for an improved communication between the heart and the brain which has been linked to improved autonomic balance and corresponding decreases in blood pressure.

With breathwork, people have a natural way to normalize their hypertension levels in a safe and consistent manner. My clients who have worked with me to address their blood pressure have all lowered their BP within three months. A recent client’s blood pressure went from 153/96 to 121/76 without the use of medication.

We aim to enlighten and guide our community in harnessing the power of their own healing through breathing.