Our Mission and Our Vision

Mission Statement –

Transforming Lives through Breath is my passion. With a unique blend of science and holistic practices, I empower individuals to shift their breathing patterns and experience profound changes in their well-being. My approach goes beyond traditional breathwork, leveraging neuroscience to create lasting impacts on different areas of the brain. I am committed to helping people with conditions such as anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, and Long  Covid through the power of breath.

Vision Statement

To enlighten and guide our community in harnessing the power of their own healing through the breath. 

I spent the last decade studying the brain and body, and found the most powerful way of changing and healing the body was simply adjusting the way we breathe.”

Megan Callus-  a Brain-Based Breathwok Specialist


With a deep commitment to sharing the highest level of knowledge, cutting-edge science, and her own experience, Megan empowers others to live fulfilled, healthy and joyful lives. Her unique practice equips individuals with tools to navigate trauma, depression, and anxiety, fatigue and chronic illnesses; drawing from her expertise in anatomy, physiology, applied neurology, neurobiology of trauma, breath retraining, and breathwork techniques.

Megan’s application of these approaches in her practice and everyday work brings her clients knowledge and newfound empowerment to heal themselves.  As a consultant to a large psychological service agency, Megan teaches therapists how to utilize her breathing techniques with clients. She also provides training to corporations, schools, and individuals on how to utilize breathing techniques to address anxiety and create greater calm, productivity and resilience.

Inspired by her own journey, Megan understands that many people struggle with unfulfillment, anxiety, pain, and sorrow in a world that can be isolating and challenging.

At Megan’s practice, she provides guidance and support to help individuals find their way out of darkness. Her dedication to combining the science and spiritual power of breath creates a transformative experience for her clients, helping them live more joy-filled, resilient lives.

We aim to enlighten and guide our community in harnessing the power of their own healing through breathing.