Long Covid


Breathwork May be the Most Underrated Tool for Managing Symptoms.
Recent neurological research is advocating for breathwork as a novel approach to address Long Covid symptoms.

The consequences of Long Covid are vast, reaching far beyond respiratory issues and impacting  an estimated 10 million people.  The virus can extend to the brain and central nervous system – two systems integral for proper functioning that rely on oxygen as their main fuel source.

The delicate, complex pulmonary system is a core facet of your body’s functioning- it moves the fuel (oxygen) to neurons throughout your brain and central nervous system. Unfortunately, COVID-19 can affect this process causing an imbalance in oxygen flow – leading to fatigue, organ damage, nerve damage, brain fog, vertigo and dizziness or potential for further neurological issues. To counter these effects breathwork may be able to help calm our body allowing healing while supplying steady levels of precious oxygen intake.

Evidence is also emerging that demyelination of the vagus nerve, (the 10th cranial nerve and a main nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system) may be, in part, responsible for the cascading and varied symptoms associated with Long Covid, including difficulty swallowing, dizziness, a high heart rate, low blood pressure, fatigue and diarrhea.

Recent research has documented a decisive synergy between breathwork and vagus nerve stimulation when it comes to providing relief to those ailing with lingering symptoms of Covid-19.  By incorporating specialized vagus nerve activation and breath training, in conjunction with protols perscribed by their doctors, individuals with Long Covid can manage their symptoms and improve thier quality of life.

We aim to enlighten and guide our community in harnessing the power of their own healing through breathing.